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  1. tmrqs

    New CarPlay Preview at WWDC 2024

    During the Developers Conference this past week, Apple provided more details around their new CarPlay. They focused on how customizable the interface is, which has been recurring complaint. Porsche was announced to be one of the firsts to embrace it, although no word on which model. Curious to...
  2. tmrqs

    Meet the all-electric Macan EV at a Porsche Experience Center (free!)

    Got this over email - and it’s free! Wish I lived close to one of these… Meet the all-electric Macan at a Porsche Experience Center. Beginning this June, Porsche Experience Center Atlanta and Los Angeles will offer a complimentary Macan Electric Immersion program. An introduction to our first...
  3. tmrqs

    What is/was your vehicle before electric Macan EV?

    Reading the comments, some people say the Macan 4 is plenty fast acceleration-wise while others (myself included) crave the extra HP. Got me wondering: is your current car also an EV or ICE? Feel free to add details below!
  4. tmrqs

    2024 Macan EV Reviews (Articles & Videos)!

    Today the embargo is lifted, reviews and videos of the driving impressions are finally released! Will be updating this first post with all the links I come across. Articles: Autoblog Ars Tecnica Auto123 (Canada) Autocar.uk Autoexpress.uk Car and Driver Carbuyer.uk Driving.ca Edmunds EVO...
  5. tmrqs

    Yearly maintenance laugh (or cry?)

    Went test drive a Macan GTS this weekend, wanted to get a feel for handling - understanding that the EV will handle quite differently. Chatting with the sales guy, I asked about the maintenance routine on a Porsche EV. Commented that I did my annual visit a few months ago for my MME and that...
  6. tmrqs

    Macan EV Turbo spotted in California

    New video shows several angles of the Turbo (in black) roaming in California. I wasn’t sure about the Turbo aero wheels but think they actually look pretty good. With the silver accents that come with the public version, they will be 👌🏻.
  7. tmrqs

    Are you ordering the Macan EV? - Yes, No, Maybe?

    The car was announced officially less than a month ago, details are still limited, but it is an intriguing car. I myself am very much leaning towards placing an order, actually spent time time at 2 dealerships this weekend and could secure a car this Summer! But also trying to be pragmatic as...
  8. tmrqs

    Macan EV at the NY auto show

    UPDATE: I went to the NY Auto Show tonight, spent a little over an hour at the Porsche booth looking at the Macan Turbo from every angle. Well, almost: the frunk and trunk couldn’t be opened, battery ran out… 😅 There was almost no one so I was able to take my time, inspect it all, it was...
  9. tmrqs

    Autoblog initial “review”

    New article (not a true review) from AutoBlog, with driving feedback based on testing a prototype. Don’t believe anyone has shared driving impressions so far, so it’s a start. https://www.autoblog.com/article/2024-porsche-macan-electric-review/
  10. tmrqs

    Debating on exterior color for Macan EV

    I have built the Macan Turbo I want but keep going back on the color - especially as they are all $0 in the Turbo (except the Legends colors). Contrast White and Black seem too plain, too boring, too basic. Shades Jet Black Metallic is gorgeous but seems like a pain to maintain and afraid it...
  11. tmrqs

    No Surround View + Active Parking on Turbo US?

    I noticed the Surround View with Active Parking Support option (code PX6 in Technology / Assistance Systems) is missing on the US configurator for the Turbo model. It is available on the base model, but also available on the Turbo in Europe. Is it just a miss on the US configurator or is there...