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  1. tmrqs

    New CarPlay Preview at WWDC 2024

    During the Developers Conference this past week, Apple provided more details around their new CarPlay. They focused on how customizable the interface is, which has been recurring complaint. Porsche was announced to be one of the firsts to embrace it, although no word on which model. Curious to...
  2. tmrqs

    Macan EV Presentation in PEC Franciacorta (ITALY) -- Turbo and Macan EV 4 (Aventurine Green + Provence)

    Great post and pictures, thanks a lot for sharing - as well as your impressions, seems it's a win all around! Confirming there is no off road package on any of these 2 cars, just the roof rails (which are a separate option). Maybe worth updating the first post? And thanks again @Diego, seeing...
  3. tmrqs

    2024 Macan EV Reviews (Articles & Videos)!

    Adding the review from The Smoking Tire. Pretty good overall, other than maybe the condom comment at the end. o_O
  4. tmrqs

    My test drive of Macan EV Turbo (by Taycan owner) - review impressions

    As they have the same option code, I would be surprised if that’s the case… we’ll know for sure in a few months!
  5. tmrqs

    My test drive of Macan EV Turbo (by Taycan owner) - review impressions

    Alas it is just a fluke with the configurator. The silver roof rails are coded 3S1 whereas the black ones are 3S2. Removing the window trim in either silver or black also removes the roof rails as can be confirmed in the Summary… even if they weirdly remain visible on the car In what looks like...
  6. tmrqs

    Does this mean something? 😂

    The off road package makes it a 911 for only 2k euros? Sign me up!! 😍
  7. tmrqs

    My test drive of Macan EV Turbo (by Taycan owner) - review impressions

    Thanks for sharing the pictures and impressions @grizzler, great stuff!! Especially looking at the Turbo wheels, I am getting more and more into them in 21"... but not liking them at all in 20" based on your pics. Maybe due to the sidewall of the tires? This was also my impression when I saw...
  8. tmrqs

    Build slot

    I've been in contact with over a dozen dealers consistently and only 3 would accept deposits to secure a spot in the waitlist, the others would just take my name to contact me when they'll get an allocation. None would/could take an actual order. I was able to snatch an allocation the same day...
  9. tmrqs

    "Launch Vehicle" ?

    Look forward to reading your thoughts after the event next week!
  10. tmrqs

    "Launch Vehicle" ?

    They just started the production of the cars a couple of weeks back, that’s the reason why. Yes they do have a few cars ready for press but that wouldn’t be enough for the hundreds (thousands?) of dealerships in the world. Agree with you, would also love to test drive it before ordering but… as...
  11. tmrqs

    Turn Signal: Your preference/Comments Please

    That Gentian however…
  12. tmrqs

    "Launch Vehicle" ?

    Biggest difference may be the “Launch” cars will sit up to 3 months post build on a lot until the September official release, whereas following ones will be delivered as soon as built. 🫠 Jokes aside, not heard of any differences. My Macan should be available a few weeks after the Launch ones...
  13. tmrqs

    Turn Signal: Your preference/Comments Please

    Black for me, not convinced by the Blue.
  14. tmrqs

    Build slot

    Forum is still quite new so don’t think there’s really a designated place for this. Mind me asking why you’re considering not taking the allocation? As far as selling goes, seems the Turbo allocations are the rare ones, not so much the base 4.
  15. tmrqs

    Range / consumption of 2025 Macan EV ?

    That is not my experience I'm afraid. Looking at my most recent car, the Ford Mustang Mach-e Premium AWD Extended. It has a 290 miles EPA range and a 550 km (550/1.609=342 miles) WLTP range. Driving reasonably in the Spring/Summer, I could stretch that range to 300 miles. The EPA rating was...
  16. tmrqs

    Macan 4 vs Turbo - list of standard equipment and its value

    Hope the 4S (or GTS) are nicely positioned pricing and equipment wise, there isn’t a ton of room right now to add 2 trims. Looking at the newest Taycan in the US: - Base: $99,400 - 4S: $118,500 (+$19.1k / +19% vs base) - Turbo: $173,600 (+$74.2k / +74% vs base) - Turbo S: $209,000 (+$109.6k /...
  17. tmrqs

    Range / consumption of 2025 Macan EV ?

    Oh we agree on that! Point remains that using the WLTP estimates on the EU configurator and seeing how they change based on the rims is still a useful tool for NA buyers. ;)
  18. tmrqs

    Winter tires (and wheels)

    Have you considered getting all season tires (default option) instead of Summer tires with your delivery?
  19. tmrqs

    Meet the all-electric Macan EV at a Porsche Experience Center (free!)

    Please share your experience @daveo4EV, lucky you!