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  1. JayGT4

    Tesla fires entire Supercharger team. Musk says Supercharger Network growth will continue...

    Big news today in terms of the charging landscape. Tesla reportedly fired its entire Supercharger team. News: https://electrek.co/2024/04/29/tesla-conducting-more-layoffs-including-entire-supercharger-team/ Elon Musk just posted his first public comment after this report, and he doesn't deny...
  2. JayGT4

    Electric Macan EV orders top 10K already and Porsche sticks to EV sales target

    https://electrek.co/2024/03/12/porsche-ev-sales-goal-strong-macan-ev-orders/ Porsche Macan EV sees strong orders ahead of deliveries In the second half of 2024, deliveries of the new Porsche Macan EV will kick off. The new 100% electric Macan will be built alongside its ICE sister model in...
  3. JayGT4

    New to Macan - but not EV's or Porsche - Taycan swap for Macan Turbo

    Sorry to hear you'll be parting ways with the Taycan because your posts have been some of the most helpful I've read during my ownership, but so glad to see you'll be buying a Macan EV and posting here. 🙌
  4. JayGT4

    Macan EV Turbo spotted in California

    I agree on the wheels! The more aggressive turbo styling disappears a bit on black, but still looks great in this color. Also, looks much sportier with the spoiler deployed; hope we can make that fixed somehow.
  5. JayGT4

    Way Better surround view than Taycan

    Video is missing. Can you post?
  6. JayGT4

    Macan EV will use batteries from China’s CATL

    Now, we are learning where Porsche is getting the batteries. According to a new report from Mobile China, Porsche’s new electric Macan will use batteries from leading Chinese battery supplier CATL. With Volkswagen using CATL’s batteries for its ID series, it makes sense that Porsche is taking a...
  7. JayGT4

    Macan EV's Porsche Electric Sport Sound -- sample sound clips 🔊

    Plus, owner can always disable it. I wonder how it will compare to the Taycan's electric sport sound in terms of volume and tone.
  8. JayGT4

    Macan EV's Porsche Electric Sport Sound -- sample sound clips 🔊

    I personally love it in our Taycan GT, which is even louder/aggressive than all the other models.
  9. JayGT4

    Macan EV Configurator is Online! Post Your Build

    My dream Macan EV Turbo build: Frozen Blue Metallic Gloss black mirrors, side blades, lower fascias Black roof rails Gloss black window trim Trailer hitch Rear window wiper Upgraded headlamps Heated windshield 20-inch wheels w/ summer tires Massaging & ventilated 14-way seats in black leather...
  10. JayGT4

    Just spotted Macan EV in Austria

    Fortuitous hotel stay! More shots please... and try to catch a ride too ;)
  11. JayGT4

    Production Macan EV Official Sketch First Look Posted by Porsche

    Wooo do we think it's real or photoshopped?
  12. JayGT4

    Macan EV deposits / reservations

    Curious how many users here have a deposit / reservation down for the Macan EV at their dealer? Chime in here. I'm very interested based on what I see so far and may put down my deposit in a week when it's revealed on the 25th.
  13. JayGT4

    Contacted by Porsche to configure my Macan EV Jan. 30

    Exciting. I wonder if January 30 is the worldwide date that everyone interested will be able to configure a Macan EV for purchase.
  14. JayGT4

    Boxster EV Rendering

  15. JayGT4

    VW considering Porsche IPO / spinoff

    https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-02-18/volkswagen-is-said-to-weigh-listing-of-porsche-sports-car-brand?sref=P6Q0mxvj VW Is Said to Weigh Listing of Porsche Sports-Car Division Volkswagen AG is considering a separate listing of its Porsche sports-car unit in a deal that could boost...